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Singing bowls also known as Himalayan Bowls, are used in music therapy, sound healing and religious ceremonies traced back in use since 10th AD. In Buddhist practices, they are played to signal the beginning and the end of silent meditation cycles. Tibetan bowls emit very pure tones, close to sine waves. Their sound is a synonym of purity for our ears. Human bodies are composed with different frequencies. By exposing to the environment with the frequency emitted from the singing bowls for a prolonged period of time, one's brainwave will be tuned to the theta waves (the meditative, subconscious state), which induce the body frequencies to respond and resonate with the singing bowls vibration, thus trigger self healing and adjustment process. Your body will unlock the energy flow, release trapped energy, negative emotions, physical symptoms and so fore. Resulting in recharging and rejuvenating body fluid and energy during a full session. Regular sound therapy helps to rejuvenate the flow of energy to activate and maintain one's cells healing process.

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