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The pioneer wellbeing consultancy focuses on using Biofield Tuning, ancient sacred spiritual practices, and frequency modalities in immersive experience curation. We curate sanctuary space for you and your clients to learn the skills and benefits of mindfulness practices, focusing on awareness, and reconnecting with yourself. Slow down your mind, bring clarity to your thoughts, and experience personal growth.

We tailor-made wellbeing solutions that fit for your personal and business goals.

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On 27 April 2018, I received Minutes’ Biofield tuning folk treatment when I had suffered from severe lower back pain. I have always had a history of scoliosis and leg length discrepancy. During the time of my treatment, old symptoms of experiencing every step a pain arose due to a minor  injury from yoga. I had no idea why would the pain persist for days even after receiving physiotherapy, so I thought why not trying something different. It was my first time receiving such treatment and the experience completely blew my mind off. I felt a strong sense of energy  through my body and experienced a sense of release of buried emotions afterwards. During the session, I had an emotional breakdown as some past memories started to be unfolded. After the  treatment, I felt a sense of calmness; surprisingly, my lower back pain was obviously less disturbing and I could walk more freely. 

Dr. Man Ki Theodora Lee, Female, 35 years old, Assistant Professor 

Image by Ganapathy Kumar

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