About Ray of Aura

Ray of Aura is founded by Minutes Leung, a wellbeing advocate after discovering the benefits of various non-invasive modalities, sound medicine, and other mindfulness practices for daily living.

She has then organized the ARCH Festival since 2018, and ARCH enroute offline studio since 2020 to promote the culture of a 360 well-being lifestyle.

By realizing the importance to have a safe space and dedicated time in disconnecting from the daily grind in this hustling city, Ray of Aura is here to provide knowhow to both individuals and corporates in the curation of holistic wellbeing experience.

With the continue mission in building the wellbeing community, we encourage all to take every opportunity to recharge, retune their body, mind, and biofield with the use of these wellbeing modalities, to reconnect with themselves, and live in the present.

Yoga Child's Pose


Minutes Leung has a Master in Business Administration from Waseda University, Japan; and a Bachelor in Economics from University of Sydney, Australia. She has been working in the financial field whilst her life experience has channeled her to discover her intuitive clairsentience gifts, and to step into her path in spiritual and sound medicine healing modalities.

Life path number of 33/6, Minutes started her journey by living in various countries throughout her younger age in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea. Trying to find her meaning in life since she was a child, she has always wonder about the meaning of life in this physical realm. Went through some of the darkest moments and life changing traumas through her encountering with her family, career, and relationships, she was called from the Divine to her awareness of infinite consciousness knowledge that lies in the universe and emback her soul purpose as a self-healing and spiritual coach for those that intend to embrace their gifts to fulfill life path by trauma releasing and soul patterns reprogramming.

Minutes believes spirituality is to find your true happiness by practicing in daily living. She believes life is an awakening journey and every experience is to gain consciousness and awareness of your own reality. Practicing Vipassana, she realises meditation is one of the key techniques to ascend our consciousness, as the truth only lies within. Being aware and observe objectively of own emotions and thoughts, and to surrender of the one's ego, is the answer to the ultimate balance state of body, mind and soul, leading one to live a peaceful and harmonious life.

Minutes is a Certified Singing Bowl Therapy Practitioner Accredited by Natural Sound Healing Center Nepal; the only Biofield Tuning Practitioner in Hong Kong, from the school of Biofield Tuning, Vermont US, of Eileen Day Mckusick; SRT ® Accredited Practitioner; Akashic Records Reader; Reiki Master; Galactic Language speaker; Certified Crystal Reader and Oracle Card Reader.

Her methods and healing modalities involve an eclectic mix of Akashic Records sacred wisdom and findings, Vipassana meditation, Tibetan and Biofield Tuning therapy, vocal sound healing, reiki, angel and crystal healing, and channeling. She is fluent to conduct healing in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese. She currently resides in Hong Kong.